• Pet portrait necklace
  • Pet portrait necklace
  • Pet portrait necklace
  • Pet portrait necklace
Pet portrait necklace
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It’s a perfect gift for pet lovers, also a memorial to a lost loved one. You can take your best friend everywhere.I dedicate this necklace for those who love pets. 

This necklaces is sculpted with polymer clay, meticulously hand-painted with acrylics and varnished for protection. Pendant diameter is 2.3cm.necklace wrapped in a beautiful gift box.

Each pet is unique in this world,even the same variety,they have their own characteristics.
I see them differently,So every piece of my work is not the same.
I know he(she) is the only one for you.

1: How is the material of the doll?
The real doll is made of German soft clay and can be molded by low temperature barbecue. This material is non-toxic and never decays and molds.
2: How to save
The doll itself has a waterproof function. If it is stuck with dirt, just wipe it with soap or toothpaste. If the hardness is not dropped or the sharp items are hanging, it can be permanently maintained.
3: How long does it take to make?
We will show you a sample within five days of the buyer's payment. If you are not satisfied, we will modify it so that you can receive a creative gift in 3-5 weeks! If you are in a hurry, you can shorten the week but you need to pay extra.
4 Is the similarity high?
The original intention of the doll is to add artistic effects to my photo to form a three-dimensional cartoon doll, similar to a comic image, so the similarity is only 80,90%. Because the hand-kneaded products do not calculate the precise direction of each curve like the parabola of the machine, we prefer the perfection of the product than you, but in fact, subject to various conditions of the manual process, sometimes, your imagination and display It is difficult to make a true unity, and there will be more or less differences, so please understand.
Note: If the product is put into production, it will not be refunded!
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about 5-10 working days.

Please note that the time frame mentioned above includes production time.

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